Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homework 1

Due 12pm on Friday, Feb. 8.

The task of homework 1 is to get used to the tools we'll be using for the class by replicating Subversion Demo #2 from the Jan. 30 lecture.  You should create a Java program in your area of the Subversion repository in the directory "inclass" named "".  If you type "javac inclass/", then "java inclass.Hello", it should print out "Hello, World!"  You can find a program that does this in section 6.2 of the lecture notes.

You can check that it works as expected by:
  1. Open Terminal (Mac) or PowerShell (Windows).
  2. cd into the top level of your working copy, which has the same name as your netid.
  3. Run "testing/ HelloTest" (Mac) or "testing\test.ps1 HelloTest" (Windows).
You should also check that you committed it to the repository correctly by looking at the version of on the web interface.  It'll have a URL that looks like:

By the way:

If you want Checkstyle to quiet down about tabs in your files and you're using Notepad++, go into the "Settings > Preferences", click on the "Language Menu/Tab Settings" tab, then check "Replace by space" in the bottom right corner.  This won't affect existing files, just new files and changes to old ones.  If you're using XCode, the default tab settings are fine.